• January 20th, 2011

    Jack Nicholson claims he's too old to chase girls

    Jack Nicholson claims he's too old to chase girls

    Legendary Lothario Jack Nicholson has put his womanizing ways to bed – insisting it would be “undignified” to chase girls at his age.

    Jack is a well known-ladies’ man, allegedly sleeping with thousands of women during his Hollywood career and having five kids with four different partners. But the 73-year-old is adamant it’s time he stopped cavorting with beauties in public and started behaving like a mature gentleman.

    He tells Britain’s The Sun, “I can’t hit on a girl in public like I used to. I never thought words like ‘undignified’ would come into my own reflections on myself but I can’t do it anymore. I feel uncomfortable. I don’t think anybody cares what I do in these areas but it feels a little bit off to me. It’s good for business if people think I’m a womanizer. But a lot of what people think of me has to do with when I was younger. I did sort of burn it full blast. But I don’t burn it at both ends anymore. I can’t party as hard as in the past.”

    However, Nicholson insists he would love to keep playing the “rogue” – if he still had the stamina. He adds, “I’m not going to pretend I haven’t been a rogue most of my life because I have and still would be if I had the energy for it.”

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safwat - Tuesday, 29th May 2012 @ 23:01

Girls : Thank you for your desires but I have a wife and family and I am still the master man at midnight , remember my rate hundred thousand dollar per day .

SUMMER ROSE - Monday, 9th Apr 2012 @ 09:14

<3 YOU, WHAT YOU DO- smile

Dedy - Friday, 19th Aug 2011 @ 08:36

I meant to say the only time chase is fun is when it is between husband and wife while alone & frisky. As I said, don't share, so if during our love play his mind is on someone else playing my role, then he damned sure needs to get gone so i go on.

Dedy - Wednesday, 17th Aug 2011 @ 08:04

"chasing is not suppose to happen unless it is husband & wife chasing each other around their home....

pam - Sunday, 14th Aug 2011 @ 11:19

he dont must chase girls, the girls must chase him! smile

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