• April 22nd, 2017

    Happy 80th birthday!!

    Happy 80th birthday!!

     From your fans all over the world: congratulations and happy 80th birthday!

    All the best, in good health, with a lot of joyfull moments in many years to come!!

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Marlene - Thursday, 30th Nov 2017 @ 05:26

you are a joy. Have a wild photo of you taped to inside of my cupboard door. It is my pick me up. You are the only actor I wud like to meet how about lunch sometime? Ha! Continue having fun crazy man!

Future Mrs Nicholson - Wednesday, 29th Nov 2017 @ 20:35

Happy birthday to the man that's still got it.Something about Mr Nicholson.no one comes close..Thank you I have enjoyed every second. smile

timd - Monday, 13th Nov 2017 @ 03:39

happy 80th Can`t be true !!! hope you will do some more Movies .never saw one that was not over the top !

Lynette Brown - Tuesday, 7th Nov 2017 @ 03:51

Happy 80th Birthday Jack Nicholson! Love your movies. Keep up the great work!

Pablo Arredondo I - Saturday, 4th Nov 2017 @ 00:13

1 million for Jack and me 1 million for tax and David Carradine Hommenage. smile smile
51% ICM 49% tax

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